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Aug 21, 2009 5:00am EDT
take you live to one of the geico cameras. headlights are southbound leaving father o'hurley boulevard and gaithersburg. much more to come on the traffic side, but now the top stories with greta and doug. >> thank you much, lisa. it has been an awfully hot topic ever since it started, but for now, cash for clunkers has hit end of the road. >> that's right. the government is pulling the plug on the program this coming monday, but if you've got a trade-in, it may already be too late for you. matt brock live in alexandria to tell us why. good morning to you, matt. >> good morning, doug, greta. listen, the dealers have said all along they didn't even think after the program got an extra $2 billion that this money would last until labor day, and it turns out they were right. we have an official deadline. the department of transportation has said you have to get the deal done by monday at 8:00. they've already marked up 457,000 cars into this program. i guess you could say marked them down with savings of about $4,500, it a car, and the federal government has spent nearly $2 billio
Aug 12, 2009 5:00am EDT
getting heavy through the geico cameras. into virginia i-95 and springfield in good shape. no accidents to report. 66 and the toll road running well. >> outside right now looking at temperatures in the upper 60's, look at the rain from yesterday. hagerstown over an inch and a half. it was separate i can. i know my house was pretty dry. we have some showers that are working their way across the area from west-to-east and we'll continue to see a few areas of rain. it will be a cloudy day. the clouds will thicken up. let's get to our forecast for today. mid to upper 80's with clouds in and out. maybe a rumble of thunder. upper 60's and low 70's. partly cloudy. mid to upper 80's and we do it again for friday and saturday and sunday and monday and tuesday. mid to upper 80's, partly sunny. i guess anybody can do this job, pam? alison? >> play back today's tape. >> thank you. well, twitter is going high class teaming up with a famous opera house. >> and america is digging deep for cell phone service. those stories around more in this morning's "tech bytes." >> in today's "tech bytes,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2